BS 8297 Design, manufacture and installation of architectural precast concrete cladding. Code of practice

BS 8297 has long been the definitive standard for precast concrete cladding. In October 2017, following recent advances and innovations in the sector, a new updated version was published, with a new title: ‘Design, manufacture and installation of architectural precast concrete cladding’. The standard has been revised to account for changes in manufacturing techniques and product ranges introduced over the last 20 years.
The new standard provides comprehensive coverage of all types of precast cladding and architectural concrete elements of the outer skin of the building.

BS 8297 should be used by anyone involved with designing, reviewing and installing architectural precast concrete, because it thoroughly explains the processes, considerations and best practice. It is as valid for architects and principal contractors as it is for structural engineers, and also other members of a project team, including fa├žade consultants, designers, manufacturers and installers.

The standard is available from BSI.

More information is available from British Precast Architectural and Structural Precast Association at