Eurocode 0

Eurocode, BS EN 1990 'Eurocode: Basis of structural design' is the head document in the Eurocode suite. Known as Eurocode 0, it describes:

  • the basis and general principles for structural safety, serviceability design and durability. It covers the verification of buildings and civil engineering works including geotechnical aspects,

  • the principles and requirements for safety and serviceability of structures and

  • guidelines for related aspects of structural reliability in all circumstances in which a structure is required to give adequate performance in fire and seismic events.

Consisting of only one part, Eurocode 0 is the basis upon which all the other Eurocodes (1 to 9) operate for the design of structures.


The Eurocodes

Extract from How to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2 (page 2, figure 1)